Frequently asked questions about FOOD-E.

Account settings

Q1. I’d like to change my phone number in my FOOD-E account.

If you have mistakenly inputted the wrong phone number, a landline number, or using an unregistered new mobile phone number, you will not be able to use the FOOD-E app or website. Please create a new account with your new/correct phone number.

Since the same e-mail address cannot be used, please use a different email or use the same e-mail address by adding “+1” before @mark.

Q2. I’d like to change my email address in my FOOD-E account.

Please contact us with your registered customer information and the new e-mail address and we will edit it for you. If you’d like to change your phone number as well, please create a new account.

Q3. I can’t receive a verification code by SMS after registration.

If you have registered your mobile phone number, you may have entered it incorrectly. In this case, please create a new account with the correct mobile phone number by following the instructions in Q1.

Please note that in some rare cases, you may not be able to receive SMS messages properly depending on your mobile carrier.

Q4. I’d like to change my credit card information in the FOOD-E app.

You can change your credit card information on the checkout page. You can go to the checkout page by adding any items that are over 3,000 yen. (You do not need to process a real order.)

Q5. I’d like to delete my account.

Please contact us with your registered name and phone number, and we will delete your account on our end.

When Ordering

Q1. Where can I put a coupon code?

After selecting items, please enter the coupon code in the field just below "Payment Method" on the checkout page. After entering the code, click Apply.

Q2. The coupon is not valid anymore because my order got canceled.

Please contact us and we will re-issue the coupon for you.

Q3. I already placed an order, but the coupon was not applied.

Please contact us with the order ID and the coupon code you intended to use, and we will check if it was a valid one-time-use coupon.

Q4. I’d like to pay by bank transfer.

You can order by following the below steps:

(1) Contact us at least 4 business days prior to the desired delivery date, with the delivery date, time, delivery address, the items and the quantity that you’d like to order.

(2) We will send you a quotation/order confirmation, and you will reply with the signed order confirmation. After we receive the signed confirmation by email, a 100% cancelation fee applies.

(3) We will send you an invoice, kindly pay in advance by the due date.

(4) Delivery of the order.

After Ordering

Q1. I’d like to change the items or the number of the items in my order

Generally, we are unable to accept changes once the order has been confirmed, but we are able to accommodate the changes if the food is not cooked yet and there is no issue with the restaurant changing it. In case the restaurant can accept the changes, they will cancel your order and you will be required to place a new order.

Please note that restaurants may not be able to accommodate your request in some cases.

Q2. I'd like to change the delivery date

It is possible to change the date and time if the restaurant has not started cooking yet and the change can be made in time. To do so, please contact our customer support.
Please note that it may be difficult to respond in some cases.

Q3. I’d like to receive the order earlier than the confirmed estimated arrival time

Please understand that we will deliver your order in the shortest possible time, but if you’d like to make the delivery later than the arrival time, please contact our customer support.

Q4. I’d like to cancel the order.

Please contact customer support. If the restaurant accepts it, they will cancel your order for you.

(Please note: For the orders by bank transfer or corporate orders, after we receive the signed confirmation by email, a 100% cancelation fee applies.)