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NOBU Tokyo

NOBU TOKYO is the Japanese branch of the NOBU Restaurant group owned by legendary chef Nobu Matsuhisa. The restaurant showcases Nobu’s new style Japanese cuisine in a lively ambiance including a bar and sushi counter. Fresh seafood and produce is brought in daily from all over Japan as well as abroad, to bring you authentic Japanese cuisine as well as Nobu’s signature originals such as Yellowtail Sashimi with Jalapeño and Black Cod Miso.

Elio Locanda Italiana

Since its opening in 1996, Elio Locanda Italiana has been a pioneer of Italian cuisine in Japan. Known for his authentic Southern-Italian cuisine and hospitality, owner Elio Orsara attracts fans both in and outside Japan who come to him for an experience equal to one would get in Italy. With his extensive experience in catering, Elio cooks and packages his food to ensure that you can enjoy his food with the same quality and taste you would enjoy sitting in his restaurant.

Hibiya Heichinrou

The first Heichinrou restaurant opened in Yokohama in 1884. Superior service to generations of customers has earned Heichinrou restaurants nationwide a loyal clientele.
The Hibiya restaurant has been at its current location, 28 floors above ground overlooking Hibiya Park, since 1980. Head chef Shinji Yanashima has been at the helm for 20+ years keeping true to the restaurant's motto of creating the finest food with the freshest ingredients.

Tokyo American Club

Tokyo American Club has been an integral part of the city’s international community since 51 American businessmen founded the Club in 1928. The impressive eight-story clubhouse in Azabudai is where the roughly 4,000 members and their families enjoy the broad range of world-class dining and recreational facilities.
On FOOD-E, the club accepts orders from members and non-members alike, delivering authentic American food.

The Oak Door - Grand Hyatt Tokyo

Located inside the Grand Hyatt Tokyo hotel, The Oak Door has become an iconic Tokyo steakhouse. Top-quality meats from the US, Canada and Japan are cooked on a combination of charcoal and gas grills to delivery the unique Oak Door flavor that regular customers love.

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What makes FOOD-E different

High-Quality Restaurants

FOOD-E offers a curated collection of Tokyo’s best restaurants, ranging from small counter-only sushi bars run by owner/chefs to large independent restaurants and five-star hotels.

Immediate Delivery

At FOOD-E, you can get delivery right away, with most orders delivered in about one hour. You can of course also schedule a delivery for later, up to 8 weeks in advance in 30min slots.

Quality Delivery

Our drivers are highly trained on the road and in handling your orders. Orders are delivered with speed and safety in mind, keeping your food as fresh as possible without sacrificing presentation or safety.

All restaurants are only on FOOD-E

All of our restaurants are exclusive to FOOD-E. You won't find them on any other food delivery platform because premium restaurants trust us as their only delivery partner because of our superior quality and delivery.

Delivery with motorcycles and cars

All FOOD-E deliveries are made with motorcycles and cars. This helps us make sure that your food is delivered promptly at the right temperature and that our service runs smoothly whatever the weather conditions.

Bilingual phone customer service

FOOD-E’s bilingual call center is available for calls throughout our operation hours (10AM – 10PM). If you have a question or problem with an order, you can call us and we will work to provide a swift solution.


Works on all your devices

With FOOD-E, you can order food delivery on your desktop, laptop, tablet and smartphone. Everything syncs seamlessly over the FOOD-E cloud, so you can choose the device that you prefer, or simply the one at hand to place an order for delivery.