Tokyo’s best restaurants, delivered.

What makes Food-e different

Food-e has been conceived as a food delivery service exclusively for gourmet restaurants and residents in Tokyo's center.

Hand-picked restaurants

Food-e works exclusively with Tokyo’s best restaurants. Only restaurants that are rigorously vetted are introduced on the platform, so you can trust that the quality will be high, regardless of which restaurant you choose.

Delivery with motorcycles and cars

Food-e’s drivers exclusively deliver using motorcycles and cars. This helps us make sure that your food is delivered promptly and in ideal condition.

Quality Delivery

Our drivers are highly trained on the road and in handling your orders. Orders are delivered with speed and safety in mind, keeping your food as fresh as possible without sacrificing presentation or safety.

All restaurants are only on Food-e

Every restaurant on Food-e delivers food only through Food-e. You won't find them on any other food delivery platform because premium restaurants trust us as their only delivery partner because of our superior quality and delivery.

Up to 8 weeks in advance

Most of Food-e’s restaurants accept orders for immediate delivery, allowing you to receive your food in about 1 hour from your order. All Food-e restaurants also accept scheduled orders, where you can designate the date and precise time of delivery up to 8 weeks in advance

Bilingual phone customer service

Food-e’s bilingual call center is available for calls throughout our operation hours (10AM – 10PM). If you ever have an issue, you can call us and we will work to provide a swift solution.

Works on all your devices